Let's build the future together

Let's build the future together...

Hi y'all, I'm Maria

I'm a Software Engineer

Recent Flatiron School graduate, proficient in JavaScript, React, Next.js, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and RESTful APIs. I have a background in critical care nursing, bringing a unique perspective to problem-solving and collaboration in fast-paced environments. I'm a proud polyglot, fluent in English, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Danish.


This Is Me

I'm a recent graduate of Flatiron School's Software Engineering program with a background in critical care nursing. I'm proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, SQL, and RESTful APIs, and have experience with TypeScript, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Material UI. I'm passionate about object oriented programming and test driven development.

I bring a strong and diverse skill set as I enter the tech field. My experience in healthcare has taught me the importance of attention to detail, prioritization of tasks and effective communication. I have lived and worked across multiple countries and cultures, which in turn has led me to become highly adaptable and resilient. As a bilingual professional fluent in multiple languages, I have the ability to effectively communicate with clients and team members from diverse backgrounds. I am well versed in the principles of self-management as well as the art of team work.

I'm passionate about using technology to improve people's lives, and I'm excited about pursuing my career in software engineering. I'm eager to apply my skills and experience to contribute to a dynamic team, and I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow in this field.

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