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Margarita Mania

React / JSON server / React Router


There are so many different types of margaritas to enjoy, so many in fact, that it has become hard to keep track. Not to worry amigos, with this React application there is a simple way to view and manage all your margaritas in one place.

Margarita Mania is a React single page application that was created using create-react-app. For the backend for this project I used json-server. It provides the user with a collection of different margarita recipes, allows them to navigate between pages, save favorites as well as add and remove recipies from the collection. On page load, a fetch request is made to retreive all margaritas. Further more, POST, PATCH, and DELETE requests are made to add new, set to favorites, and remove margaritas. Thanks to dynamic component rendering and client-sided routing using React Router, this application both looks and feels like multiple pages.

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